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We're a team
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We aren’t your typical agency, consultant or accelerator
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All You Need To Know

About Us

We are a bunch of crazy heads. A delightful mix of nerds, geeks, designers together in a bowl that makes up our ‘Kustard’.
Our passion to make mind-blowing products is what binds us together, ensuring that like any ‘Kustard’ the lingering taste is sweet.

Deep, Not Wide

We're really, really good at a few things. We focus on those.







Our Values

  • - Be honest and transparent
  • - Create products people love
  • - Do what you love and love what you do
  • - Think long term
  • - Turn customers into fans
  • - Teach and learn continuously
  • - Our team is our greatest asset
  • - Deliver measurable business value to our customers
Our Business Ethics


  • We are problem solvers

    Each new challenge gets us excited, to push our creative minds to the limit.

  • We believe in close collaboration

    It is our belief that we are as much responsible for the product being built as you.

  • We diagnose before we prescribe

    It is important for us to understand what is getting built before actually getting our hands dirty.

  • We are good listeners and observers

    Understanding your story and your business is a crucial part of the process.

  • We are specialists

    We’ve focussed our energies in becoming good at what we do.

  • We are really passionate and proud of our work

    The one thing that fuels us is the passion to build product. And we wear our work like a crown.

  • We treat our processes like a product

    We are habituated to our processes like we are used to operating our phones everyday.

  • We are not an agency and we do not pitch

    A part of your team. We are your partners in crime.😉

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We Have Won

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